Kathryn McLellan

Social Science Research

Research Statement

Kathryn McLellan is a qualitative researcher and digital ethnographer.  Her primary interest is understanding how people create meaning and individuality through interactions with others, mass media, and consumerism. She has done work on everything from kawaii culture in Japan to finding connection through blogging to understanding how different forms of sexual education affect later sexual behavior.  Kathryn also believes strongly in the potential of using social media as a way to connect with others, create communities, and to observe human behavior.  To this end, she has been an avid participant in digital media, from LiveJournal where she did her ethnographic research for her MA thesis, to smaller communities such as Ravelry and Wr4Us.  Additionally, she has consulted others on using social media including creating a YouTube channel for Nobel-winner James Heckman.

Kathryn is also interested in subcultures, issues of self-image and body acceptance, and educational theory.  In her spare time, Kat is obsessed with people watching and vending machines.